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We're hiring now for 2023
Flexible, full-time and part-time positions available.

Job Title: London Bike Tour Guide

Greetings, one and all! 

We sound the trumpet for a new generation of daring tour guides to rise up!

Tally Ho, London’s quintessentially British tour company, is seeking enthusiastic individuals with exceptional interpersonal skills, a stiff upper lip and a flair for the dramatic, to lead groups of excited visitors on journeys through the bustling streets of London.

This is no job for the faint of heart, mind you! 

The successful candidate must be able to keep a level head when faced with adversity: 

be a natural storyteller with a gift for spinning tall tales, 

have the charisma to charm even the most stubborn of customers. 

But rest assured, the rewards are ample for those with the mettle to take on this challenge.

Do you possess the courage for this adventure? Can you remain composed in the face of danger, while regaling your charges with stories of the grand old days? Can you be the good shepherd, guiding your flock through the byways of London with a steady hand?

If you possess these qualities, then by Jove, Tally Ho wants you! Apply today and join the ranks of the bravest tour guides in all of England. Don't delay, opportunity knocks but once!

Ah, the final flourish! If you are the type of bounder who will go the extra mile to ensure each guest is treated like royalty, with a smile as wide as the Thames and a personal integrity that would make Wellington proud, then this is the job for you!

Fear not, even if you lack the experience of a seasoned veteran, Tally Ho will provide you with all the training you need to make your mark as the finest tour guide in all of London. This opportunity is perfect for thespians, minstrels, jesters, or any teller of tall tales with a passion for history and a thirst for adventure. So, come forth and join the ranks of Tally Ho's elite corps of tour guides!

  • Part-time and full-time positions available
  • Flexible weekly schedules
  • Ongoing intakes and training opportunities throughout 2023
  • Ideal candidates will live within 30 minutes of Waterloo

Compensation from £120/day + bonus + tips



How to apply?

Using your mobile phone, click the button below to send us the following information by Whatsapp.

Please write;

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Where you are based
  • Are you interested in full-time or part-time work?
  • What are you currently doing?

And, in a short video (no more than 1 minute), please tell us;

  • Why do you think you'll be a good guide?
  • What's your favourite place in London?


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